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Charcoal Soap

朵拉朵尚竹炭手工皂 去黑头祛痘香皂洗脸精油皂洁面皂天然手工皂


Dear customers, more than the price only “Malaysia”
Overseas customers overseas and another price. Solutions would like more details, please ask private consultation.

After payment orders, 7-15 days to receive the goods ~
It does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


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Product Description

Product Name: Dora Dosun / Dora flower still charcoal
Time to market: 2014
Soap Category: Soap
Specifications Type: Normal size
Ingredients: olive oil, shea butter oil soap efficacy: deep cleansing cosmetic moisturizing net content: other capacity
Brand: Dora Dosun / Dora flower still handmade soap / oil soap single product: charcoal soap vitality
Suitable for: all skin types
Made In : China
Shelf life: 3 years

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