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LED Color Keyboard

有線鍵盤 背光鍵盤 帶開關 鍵盤 有線鍵盤 7彩發光鍵盤


Dear customers, more than the price only “Malaysia”
Overseas customers overseas and another price. Solutions would like more details, please ask private consultation.

After payment orders, 7-15 days to receive the goods ~
It does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

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Product Description

Brand: Mount mind
Model: K-112
Package Type: official standard
Color Classification: USB Gaming Keyboard (not light) blue backlit keyboard + USB Gaming Mouse 7 color backlit single keyboard 7 color backlit keyboard + mouse game single blue backlit keyboard
Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
Connection: Wired
Is there a multimedia function keys: None
Interface Type: USB
Whether to support Ergonomics: Support
Condition: New

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