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Hello Kitty Insulation Boxes

hello kitty保溫飯盒 高真空手提飯盒 保溫桶飯盒 燜燒雙層飯盒


Dear customers, more than the price only “Malaysia”
Overseas customers overseas and another price. Solutions would like more details, please ask private consultation.

After payment orders, 7-15 days to receive the goods ~
It does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

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Product Description

Brand: Cartoon
Item: 6228
Color Classification: Pink lunchbox + tableware + Bag
Insulation bags 350ml mug
Single pink boxes (send spoon)
Single stainless steel color boxes (send spoon)
Pink lunch box + cutlery (without bags)
Pink lunchbox + mug + tableware + Bag pink lunch box bags + mug +
Stainless steel lunch box + cutlery (without bags)
Stainless steel cutlery + Bag color boxes +
Stainless steel color boxes + mug + Bag pink lunch box + Bag (send spoon)
Single stainless steel color boxes + Bag
Material: Metal
Number of floors: 2 floors
Capacity: 1.2L
Source main map: Independent real shot chart


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