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Poly Edge Feng Shui Brass Abacus Pendant

Poly edge Feng Shui brass abacus pendant



Appearance: Other
Color Category: large calculations, calculations trumpet, King calculations, calculations medium, copper trumpet calculations, calculations copper medium, large copper calculations with Wenchang pen Extra small calculations
Material: Copper
Features: defends


8 to 15 days after the pre-order will receive the goods
P / S: This cargo does not include postage, plus postage might have to the company to receive the goods, there is inconvenience, please forgive me

Dear customers, more than the price only “Malaysia”
Overseas customers overseas and another price. Solutions would like more details, please ask private consultation.

After payment orders, 7-15 days to receive the goods ~
It does not include Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

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Product Description

In Feng Shui, copper calculations commonly used in banks, shopkeepers, business stay easy, those who finance, financial, personnel and other civil servants Cai Lucky purposes. Can be placed within the life of the Lord drawer Alternatively, you can hang on the door or on the shelves for Lucky Cai on the windows, defends resolve villain. In addition, if the door or window facing the poles, forming a “six brains water”, the main house also immediately a copper abacus hung at the door or window to defuse it. Otherwise the poles to form the “six brains water” will house the master negative impact on health and the cause of.
Throughout all calculations (including the abacus beads child) all Seiko made of pure brass, beads toggle flexible.
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Large calculations, Small calculations, King calculations, Pure hole trumpet calculations, Pure hole No. calculations, Pure hole large calculations, Extra small calculations with Wenchang pen,